Penny is an affectionate calico that pats your face to show her love for you.  She is always hunting for the latest forgotten hair-tie and stores them in a stylish, lint-covered corner under a washing machine.  Furry jodphurs are her go-to style staple.

Sonja is an active black and white whose favorite way to de-stress is by making a daily visit to a high-end, stainless steel food bowl.  This fail-safe cure-all is the perfect solution for everything – from the sound of feet on a wood floor or sudden displays of affection to the vacuum cleaner.  Sonja swears by the ready-for-anything, girl-on-the-go philosophy and is never without her built-in fanny pack.

Ana Davidson is a designer and stylist and the blogger behind penny + sonja.

Every 3-4 months, Penny and Sonja hold Ana at paw-point and force her to update this website and carry on their namesake, which she does out of guilt.  The rest of the time, she is exploiting feline illiteracy and making regular updates on discussing topics that are entirely un cat related.