The Magic of Coconut Oil

If you haven’t been paying attention to the latest in organic miracle fruits (why haven’t you been paying attention!?) coconut oil is apparently everyone’s new saving grace.  As a basic cooking ingredient, as a body and facial moisturizer, in your bath water, in your hair…the list goes on.  If you’re curious about trying it for yourself, I’ve outlined at least eight of its many uses to get you started.

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The Maniacal Many Uses of Coconut Oil

1. Cooking (duh)

Aunt Basket uses liberal amounts of this stuff in place of olive oil in pretty much everything she cooks and everything she makes tastes amazing!  Use it to saute chicken and vegetables then serve them over rice and see if you aren’t hooked afterwards.  It’s also great with popcorn!  Use the coconut oil to pop the kernels then add sea salt and pour melted coconut oil over it and mix (if you’re really feeling indulgent pour some melted chocolate in there too) Delicious!

2. Bath Soak

Take 2-3 spoonfuls of organic coconut oil and drop it in your bath water a few minutes before you get in.  Then just soak and let the magic ingredient do its job.  The hot bath water opens all your pores so your skin will be hyper nourished and feel baby soft afterwards.

3. Body Moisturizer

If you don’t have patience time for a bath (cos they’re just the worst!) then use it as your after-shower body moisturizer.  Seriously, ya’ll.  This stuff is so hydrating.  It’s the only moisturizer I use when I’m in Marfa and it’s so dry sometimes applying it once a day is not enough.  I do it TWICE!

Extra Tip: slather coconut oil all over your feet, put your socks on and then jump in bed.  Your little tootsies will be so happy!

4. Face Moisturizer

This…I was extremely skeptical about.  My skin is notoriously sensitive and break-out prone and all the other times I’ve ever been like, “Organics on my face! Yay!” I’ve been SO SORRY about the decision pretty much immediately.  Last night, however, my skin was thirsty and it said to me, “Put that shit on me now!” so I did it.  So far so good.  Don’t make me sorry later, universe.  It’s just like you to fuck my shit up the minute I get comfortable with something.*  So…here’s to coconut oil on my face!  We’ll see how long I can keep this up before I hate myself.

5. Leave-In Deep Conditioning Treatment

This one I’m never sorry about.  It’s best to shower before bedtime – then do this so you can leave it in overnight.  Coat the damp ends of your hair with roughly one tablespoon of coconut oil, pin your hair up cos: Messy, then rinse it out in the morning.  Your hair will be soft and smooth and your split ends will be…manageable (they’re never just gone. THEY’RE NEVER GONE!).

6. Lip Balm

WE all know what lip balm is (right!?) so I’m not gonna write this one out.

7. Minor First-Aid**

I don’t actually know real people who use Neosporin…but if I did I would tell them to replace Neosporin with coconut oil.  This stuff heals my wounds!  I’ve rubbed it on cuts, scrapes, bruises and watched them heal beautifully and without scarring.  I use it daily on the afflicted area for best results.  (It also does wonders for razor bumps.  See: body moisturizer)

8. Cuticle Cream

Seriously.  Put this stuff on your cuticles, leave it on for five minutes, then get one of those little cuticle trimmers and spend way too many hours making tiny wrist movements and getting very OCD about your cuticles

OK! Now that I’ve told you all about how awesome coconut oil is I bet you’re like, “which one do I use?”

I personally like Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, but there are about a million organic coconut oils to choose from that I’m sure will do you just fine.  There is even a line of coconut oil face moisturizer that comes in this super chic, frosty little container that will make all your friends jealous of you cos: buying .2oz of coconut oil in a special, tiny jar for $20 dollars when you can get 15oz. of that shit (which should last you about a year) for $10 is super fancy and WE all want to be fancy.  All the time.

*You don’t actually fuck my shit up. I’m just being dramatic. I heart you, universe!

**Disclaimer for Wackos: I’m a Costume Designer, not a doctor or a professional aesthetician…so please don’t come to me and be all, “mah docterz is thuh internets! yuh! docterz is givin me bad AD-vice and now uhm sooper krankee-pants”.  Cos if you do, it doesn’t mean I’m a bad person for giving you unsound beauty / first-aid advice, all it means is that you’re following beauty / first-aid tips dispensed based on a Costume Designer’s experience with the many uses of coconut oil (there are so many!) and expecting them to take the place of the very grounded, sound wisdom of a dermatologist and/or family practitioner.  Which actually just means you’re crazy.  Don’t be crazy!

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