V Magazine Summer 2012 is Out!

And why should I care? Um…for starters, Ke$ha is on the cover (seriously. she’s on the cover. did you know she’s on the cover? she’s like, on the cover. her face is on the cover).

Seriously, though. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a magazine and there’s a very special reason that I’m so crazed over the release of this one (hint hint: it involves the particular line of work that I’m in).

Details and pics after the jump…

You may or may not recall this past March when I told you I was in Marfa working on a film. Well…this is the one. It was not only an amazing experience with an amazing Director and crew, but due to a series of events that cannot be described any other way than utter serendipity, working on this film completely changed the direction of my life .

I was in between jobs, fretting about what I was going to do with my life when I saw a listing for a film shooting in Marfa. They needed crew members, so I submitted my resume and played the waiting game. I was nervous but I had a good feeling about it. So good that – even though I was in New Orleans at the time  of my submission – I thought it would be best if I started to head West, just in case. I decided to call my friend, who lived in that direction, to see if I could stay at her place for a night on the drive out. By the time we figured out she was working on the very film I had just applied for, I was already hired and in Marfa. Only she wasn’t on the crew, she was talent!

She also brought a friend with her from Louisiana. Her friend was crew, and now that same friend is my current superstar lady-pants, roommate extraordinaire. That same lady-pants extraordinaire trekked out to L.A. with me from Texas after she said, “Wanna have a crazy adventure in L.A.?” and I said, “Yes, der.” And that same lady-pants makes food-themed performance art and watches Dawson’s Creek with me in unhealthy quantities.

When this lady-pants and I got to L.A. we were staying at the home of a fellow Marfa Girl crew member, which was where we all happened to be the moment the magazine arrived. We brought it inside, gathered around, ripped open the plastic, and flipped through the glossy pages of the most exhilarating editorial any of us had ever laid eyes on. Not only is my child hood friend plastered across the pages looking gorgeous and radiant and making me super proud, it was Larry Clark’s  first fashion editorial EVER, and our lovely hostess was also the *Hair Assistant. I swear we were all in tears by the time we finished looking through it. It’s crazy how life turns out sometimes.

And crazy experiences like this one are meant to be shared:

photos via  www.yaymorgan.com*

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