jen + john wedding


At Penny +  Sonja we’re pretty matrimonially challenged. Read: we’ve been live since October 2010 and we’ve literally never mentioned weddings or getting married. We’ve never felt the need to feed our readers “party-planning” tips motivated by our secret/you’re not fooling anyone – desires to domesticate. We don’t blog about our boyfriends, we don’t have a Pin board devoted exclusively to curating our perfect wedding. So this just proves there really is a first time for everything!

Read on to find out why we finally made an exception.

 Jen + John are very good friends of my most beloved lady roommate, Becca. All summer she gushed ecstatically about their upcoming wedding. I listened in awe as she divulged some of the incredible details: the bride designed the dress and had it custom-made in New York, all the wooden details – tables, cutting boards, salt and pepper holders – were handmade by the bride and groom, the photographer from Kinfolk magazine would be there to cover it.

For whatever reason, her excitement about their wedding transferred. I promised Becca a custom wedding suit to wear to the rehearsal dinner (and by suit I mean separates made of one fabric, one print. A suit). The fabric was 100% cotton in a batik print with colors matched to her fair complexion; gray, sage green, and deep lavender. When it was finished I made her model it for me in her Elizabeth and James wood and leather platforms. She looked adorable (so adorable I styled her in the top for the music video)! Then off she went with her Beau up to Arcata to take part in the celebration.

She told me in so many words how amazing the actual event was – it was in an apple orchard, there was a barn – they danced under a ceiling of fairy lights. So after all this hype getting to see the photographs for myself was very exciting. Every detail looked perfect and precious and the photographs came out beautifully. The minute I saw them I knew the time had come to make an exception to Penny + Sonja’s “no wedding” rule. Congratulations John and Jen!

For more details of the wedding visit Jen Vitale’s tumblr

For additional photographs please visit Laura D’art’s website, D’art Photographie.

About Penny + Sonja

Penny and Sonja is a lifestyle brand founded by Wardrobe Stylist, Ana Davidson. We specialize in handmade objects for the home and human. At Penny and Sonja, we believe good design happens when we respect the environment as much as we respect ourselves. Our goal is to create products that are as beautiful and practical as they are ethical and long-lasting.

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