This month was a hard month for me. Solitude took on a whole new meaning: Lady Bec-Bec went back to New Orleans. Chan Marshall cut her hair. A very exciting, career-changing (seriously, guys. Career. Changing) job prospect fell-through at the last-minute. I learned some very disturbing things about a job I worked on last December. Todd Akin

But I also got a lot accomplished. The Postelles video I styled in September was featured by Interview Magazine and Refinery 29. I opened the Etsy shop, which will be followed by a DUSTspell | P+S collaboration. I wrapped the first stage of a graphic design project I’ve been working on for a while. I made some difficult decisions about my Becca-minus living situation that I’m 100% comfortable with. I learned that Marfa Girl will be premiering in Rome. I acquired my first celebrity client. And I’m designing the costumes for a short filming this November.

As I made a mental catalogue of my month for this post, I got inspired and assembled a small group of items I feel best represent the challenges and the new beginnings from October. Like a mix tape. But instead of a track list it’s a collection of precious tangible objects.

1. An Eagle Feather – for flying

2. A Postcard From Becca – for lonely days

3. An Ivory Letter Opener – for opening letters from sweet mommies and grandmas

4. A Soothing Smelling Soap Bundle – for stressful moments

5. The Cameo I Wore for my Socialite Costume This Halloween – for looks

6. High John the Conqueror oil and a White Candle – for breaking curses

7. A Quartz Elephant – for luck

8. A Seashell – for holding incense

9. A Wooden Clothespin – for keeping it together

10. A Skeleton Key – for going home

11. Piñon Incense – for burning

12. Play It As It Lays by Joan Didion – for learning

About Penny + Sonja

Penny and Sonja is a lifestyle brand founded by Wardrobe Stylist, Ana Davidson. We specialize in handmade objects for the home and human. At Penny and Sonja, we believe good design happens when we respect the environment as much as we respect ourselves. Our goal is to create products that are as beautiful and practical as they are ethical and long-lasting.

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