Holiday DIY

Advent CalendarThe tradition of Advent is a time-honored tradition in the Hillock-Davidson household. Ironically, all four of us are either Atheist or Agnostic. We just really like celebrating holidays.

In the golden days of Christmas, back when I “believed”, we’d often have more than one celebration of Advent going at a time. Each Sunday before the 24th we would pull a red candle out of the wooden cabinet in the dining room that smelled like Christmas, place it on the dining room table along with its circular wooden wreath decoration and light it before we ate dinner.

My Abu would also bring us Advent calendars from Mexico – the kind with chocolate within a door within a picture (the chocolate always tasted vaguely of moth balls from being in her closet all year, but that never stopped us from eating it). Then we had one that was just doors within a picture which was covered in glitter – no chocolate.

Then – and this one was my favorite – we had one of those wooden spiral Advent calendars and every night before we went to bed we’d put on our matching festive pajamas, light a candle and sing songs. We were Advent junkies for sure!

Like most of my childhood traditions, Advent is not an activity that has carried over to adulthood. But every year I tell myself I’m gonna start it up again. This year is still not that year…though I have probably repinned at least one Advent calendar a day since the beginning of December so…that’s good enough for me.

My favorite Advent calendar (two years running) is THIS ONE from the Marion House Book. It can be recreated cheaply and easily and it will provide you too with years of special memories a clear path to becoming a bona fide Advent junkie like my family.

About Penny + Sonja

Penny and Sonja is a lifestyle brand founded by Wardrobe Stylist, Ana Davidson. We specialize in handmade objects for the home and human. At Penny and Sonja, we believe good design happens when we respect the environment as much as we respect ourselves. Our goal is to create products that are as beautiful and practical as they are ethical and long-lasting.

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