Into the WoodsToday Penny+Sonja is leaving New York and beginning a new journey into the woods. This promises to be a dark journey at the forefront. The goal, however, is to push through the darkness and enter the light where our sunshine head will be waiting on the other side with mountain-mimicking furniture and cheese boards made of walnut. Is that unnecessarily…dramatic? Good! Hunkering down into a design hole often is, and we wanted your anticipation to be proportional. For who yet knows what will come of this venture into the forest…into the land of Penny+Sonja’s inception and the land of THE cats(!). Either we’ll go insane and lose ourselves and nothing will come of it, or we’ll go insane, lose ourselves, and DUSTspell and Penny+Sonja will have a cohesive collection of apparel, furniture, and home decor items nicely photographed and available for purchase sometime this year. We hope it’s the latter (der). Pray for us, y’all!

About Penny + Sonja

Penny and Sonja is a lifestyle brand founded by Wardrobe Stylist, Ana Davidson. We specialize in handmade objects for the home and human. At Penny and Sonja, we believe good design happens when we respect the environment as much as we respect ourselves. Our goal is to create products that are as beautiful and practical as they are ethical and long-lasting.

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