For Ali’s birthday this weekend I put together an assortment of Outer-Space treats: an outer-space birthday card with a matching envelope + three rock constellations – Andromeda, Cassiopeia, and Pegasus. I had so much fun making her presents I decided to make it into a DIY so you can recreate it for any of the Outer Space Princes/Princesses you know.


The most time-consuming aspect of this DIY will be collecting your materials. I got the pebbles from a friend’s back yard but you should be able to buy some at whatever craft store is in your area. The same goes for the neon thread and the white pen. Execution time is roughly 20 minutes.

Download the Galaxy | Constellation Print-out here*

Once it’s printed, cut out the constellations and the photo of the galaxy. The constellations are for reference. The photo will be used as your envelope.


First Step: Making the Envelope // The first thing you need to do is create the lip of the envelope. Do this by turning the galaxy photo over to the white side and find the center of the right edge. Mark it. Now measure two inches from the corners of the top and bottom edges directly adjacent to the right side. Mark the measurements and draw lines from the center of the right edge to each mark on the top and bottom edges. When you cut along these lines you are cutting the lip of your envelope.


This is what your envelope should look like at this time. Save the pieces you just cut off. You’ll need them for later when you will cut them into smaller triangles and glue them onto your blank stationery card.


The next step in creating your envelope is to fold your photo. Do this by bringing the left edge to meet the bottom edge of the envelope’s lip. Now you can prepare your envelope to be sewn shut.

With your pencil, mark 20 holes 1/8″ away from the edges. Then, with your needle, poke through each of the holes you marked. With your neon thread, or whatever color of thread you’re using, you can sew the edges of your envelope shut. It will look like this:



Second Step: Making the Card // Take your blank stationery card and cut it to the size of your envelope. Mine was 4.5″ x 2.75″


Using the excess pieces of your photo, cut them into smaller triangles. Arrange them in whatever way is pleasing to you and glue them to the front of your card.


Last Step: Rock Constellations //I made my rock constellations by looking at my reference photos and eyeballing it, but if precision is what you’re going for you can do the following: crop the Galaxy/Constellation print out in Photoshop and resize the constellations to fit your rocks. Print it and poke holes in each star. Lay the paper over the rock and draw a circle in each hole. Then connect the dots using either a steady hand or a ruler.


You’re done!

*Please note: the photo used to make the galaxy envelope was taken by the Astrophotographer Stephane Guisard. Please do not share this project without properly crediting the photographer or attempt to duplicate it for profit.

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