New Year + New Product + New Vibes


Happy New Year, everyone!! It is such a pleasure to put 2014 to bed, finally! (Is it just me, or was that year unexpectedly difficult?!)

We’ve just returned from an end-of-year West Texas Holiday feeling light, happy and refreshed. And we can’t imagine a better way to have welcomed the new year than with friends, drinks and dancing in Marfa, Texas.

With the new year come new plans, new products, and new vibes for us here at Penny and Sonja!

There has long been talk of a line of Penny and Sonja products here on the blog and after our successful collaboration with Woods Apothecary, we’re moving forward with product plans at top speed! Everything will be handmade in our studio in Austin out of locally sourced, environmentally conscious materials. Look for new dry shampoo scents, hair accessories, travel bags and bath linens to start popping up in the shop some time this Spring – along with a few other pieces we’ve been working on.

Additionally, after our little rendezvous with real-life snow and ice in West Texas, we are really feeling the color white. For us, it represents new beginnings brought on by quiet reflection and an atmosphere at rest: white Winter snow, white gallery walls drenched in natural light, hand-me-down Holiday sweaters, fresh pages in our notebooks, crisp white button down shirts… We’ll be keeping these things in mind as we chip away at our product goals and the new web layout coming out next season.

Do you have any plans for 2015 you’re especially excited about? Share with us below!

About Penny + Sonja

Penny and Sonja is a lifestyle brand founded by Wardrobe Stylist, Ana Davidson. We specialize in handmade objects for the home and human. At Penny and Sonja, we believe good design happens when we respect the environment as much as we respect ourselves. Our goal is to create products that are as beautiful and practical as they are ethical and long-lasting.

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